Dental Braces and Orthodontics

Orthodontics in Markham, Ontario

The basic repair of the mouth is called Restorative Dentistry. From teeth restoration with bonded tooth-coloured filling, porcelain crowns and aesthetic inlays or onlays. Missing teeth can be replaced with fixed bridges, removable or complete dentures, implants. Broken down and infected teeth can also be treated with root canal therapy and crowned.

Dental Braces and Orthodontics

These days' dental braces and orthodontics are affordable, simple and convenient. When it comes to your children, it is best to correctly align their teeth while they are young to provide an ideal jaw function and a beautiful and healthy smile. It is also much easier to clean your teeth and more protected against certain gum diseases if you have properly aligned teeth. Here at the Park Meadows Dental, we have quality treatment plans that will fit your children's individual needs.

For some teenagers, getting dental braces is similar to a rite of passage. But regardless of the age, dental braces are usually the best treatment to straighten a crooked or misaligned bite. It doesn't only provide a beautiful smile with straight teeth and good bite, but it can also prevent long-term tooth damage by making dental cleanings much easier. After all, crooked or crowded teeth are hard to clean, which can often cause tooth decay, gum disease and if still left untreated it can cause tooth loss.

Book for an appointment today to get to know our doctors and our services. We encourage you to schedule a consultative appointment so that we can help you with your children's dental goals.

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