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Minimally Invasive Dental Treatment at Upper Markham Smiles

We are proud to offer a full range of sympathetic and caring dentistry from comfortable and relaxing surroundings at the heart of the local community in Markham, Ontario. We also follow the principles of minimally invasive dentistry which is designed to offer a better patient experience as follows:

  • we only perform the minimum amount of dentistry needed to effectively treat each case
  • we never remove any more of the natural tooth structure than is absolutely necessary
  • we use the best dental materials that are designed to preserve the maximum amount of the natural tooth
  • we only use dental materials and consumables that conform with the principles of minimally invasive dentistry and have been tested thoroughly by leading laboratories and dental institutions
  • we only use the strongest and most durable dental materials that minimise the number of return visits for the patient
  • we only use dental laboratories that also conform to the principles of minimally invasive dentistry
  • we research and perform the latest dental treatments that minimise the number of patient visits

We extend the principles of minimally invasive dentistry through all of our main treatment areas. Please follow the links above for further details

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